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YOU (Pilot Episode), 2018

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    Alright so I tweeted a while back about watching pilot episodes of new series and reviewing them and letting y’all know if the show would be worth it or not and here we are with my first ever pilot review and it’s for the series titled “YOU”

    YOU, is a thriller that follows Joe Golderg who is a librarian or whatever, Joe becomes infatuated with a pretty girl named Beck and of course Joe is tech savvy so he begins stalking her and things go from awww cute to uhm somebody call the police real quick. The series stars Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley in the lead role of Joe, it also features Elizabeth Lail as Beck and Shay Mitchell in a supporting role.

    You would think that a show like this has no place in the current era of TV where everything is Avant Garde and robots this and dynasties that with a few vampires here and there and probably belongs in the Gossip Girl era of TV but you’re wrong because the pilot was amazing. It has the right amount of thrills that’s thrown into this trashtastic mess that is extremely addictive and it stands out and I found myself wanting more but yet willing to wait another week for a new episode (but secretly wanted to binge the entire season)

    The episode pacing was great, the scenes didn’t feel too slow or too quick, you were kept on edge from the get go because it let us know what kind of person Joe really was and the episode did a good job in revealing just how far Joe would go and we begin rooting for him but as the episode progresses we see that he needs serious help. I really like how they built Joe’s character throughout the episode, going from good guy to okay a few red flags to alright maybe he’s crazy to full on psycho and weirdly you’re still watching and rooting for him (I am disgusted with myself). I don’t want to spoil the episode for you so I’ll leave it at that.

    The performances are alright and the cast is good but my girl Shay Mitchell should have been the lead over Lail since Shay has more presence but it’s whatever, and Lail really reminds me of Emily VanCamp.

    The show if handled right by Greg Berlanti (A FAVE) and Sara Gamble could prove to be a great modern psychological thriller and really tackle cyber stalking/stalking in depth and just make good TV. I highly recommend this pilot episode of “YOU”, and I cannot wait for episode two, everyone better hop this show right now.

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