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Wynonna Earp (2017–)

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    Wynonna Earp is a TV adaption of a comic book of the same name. The show is a science fiction, western and horror mash-up that follows the life of 20-something year old gunslinger Wynonna as she finds herself having to team up with her little sister, Waverly, to take on outlaws, demons and "shadow assasins"- upon being forced to go back to her rural hometown "Purgatory" under unforeseen circumstances.

    This type of plot is no diferrent from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural and the likes, and it doesn't do much to detach itself from being likened to them either. What it does though, is dedicate itself to being as rodeo, goth and even fun as possible, and it does so with a certain level of credence. Only when the writers try, too hard tbh, their hand at satire do they show their limited ability. This flaw isn't bad enough to put you off the whole thing, though- well, yet anyway. You'll instead find yourself being amused by the misses more than infuriated.

    What I like about this show is that it knows its flaws and it rarely tries to hide or bury them with an illusion of a grander plot at play that we'll just have to stick it out to get to. To put it simply, they don't sensationalise their story or even their characters. This transparency allows the showrunners to improve with each episode, and improve it does. By the 2nd episode already you'll find yourself being glad that you got through the overtly dramatised and too damn enthusiatic 1st episode. The explostions, the editing and the overall story get better, and the demon-slaying promptly begins, by the 2nd episode and the show only climbs from there. And the music is an absolute delight!

    I will say that this show is the type that doesn't take itself too seriously, as I've noticed with most shows produced by SyFy, and requires the same type of attitude from its viewers. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable and mostly worthy watch for non-fussy watchers. If you're looking for a Game of Thrones, go watch a Game of Thrones.

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