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What/If (Season 1), 2019

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    This show watches like a novel ripped right out of an 80s author's high-octane neo-classical thriller. This is Big Little Lies meets This Is Us in the most intriguing way possible. The show's multiple characters and storylines both feed off of and demarcate one another, which makes for one of the most edge-of-seat television yet. This is possibly Netflix's most worthwhile, bingeable series in a while.

    The show circumnavigates most movies and series with its themes it might and only aims to hit right in the sweet spot of an 80s psychodrama. In this game of cat and mouse, Anne Montgomery (played by Reneé Zellweger) is a multibillionaire venture capitalist. She digs her claws deep into a tech/pharmaceutical start-up as an angel investor, which sets this series off to an intense battle of wit and will.

    The theory is that a single choice may unravel not only the life of the one who makes it, but the people around them too. Each episode explores the consequence of a choice made, and I was surprised to find how much more invested I became with each episode. These type of stories often get boring very quickly, failing to uphold the mystery, but the writers of this particular show made no such mistaking—making sure the twists and turns are as tight as possible leading right up to the hard-hitting finale.

    This is an undeniably enjoyable series that does very well in both respecting its viewer with nuanced writing, and making sure to live up to what it promises to deliver; an emotional rollercoaster full of irreversible ramifications.

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