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Wayne (Season 1), 2019

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    Wayne is a YouTube Premium original series that documents the misadventures of an aloof misfit, as he travels cross-country on a motorcycle to illegally retrieve a car that his late father had intended to leave him as a family legacy of sorts. The car was taken by his wild mother, accompanied by her just as wild boyfriend, on the day that she'd decided to leave young Wayne and his dad for whatever adventures awaited her out there in the world.

    This show definitely sells itself as a modern day Bonnie & Clyde wanna-be, not hiding the wanna-be part or not even caring enough if you're repulsed by the fact. But it is also a better, much grungier version of Netflix's The End of the Fucking World. Rudeness, aloofness, sadness, survival and all things "it is what it is" form a distinct theme for this show, which proves to be rather addictive.

    This is a road movie filled with puzzling, silly and very bloody mischief. It's as "guilty pleasure" as can get. You'll be mouthing "what the fuck" half the time, while spending the other half chuckling at the deadpan humour and intentional violence. This series, much like its protagonists, is not here to impress anyone. It's here to tell this really hideous, unnecessary story of a sad boy and a sad girl trying to find meaning in life.

    The show gets pretty twisted, the characters have no care in the world, and it just documents the extremes of how totally shitty life can get. Wayne and his girlfriend Del are not even teen-angst messed up. The things they get up to are so screwed up and so freaking hilarious that you start questioning your own sanity in finding all the batshit stuff they do so enticing.

    Wayne in this way can be described as a simple documentary-style dark comedy that says, "hey, life sucks sometimes, and it's also pretty fucking hilarious on occasion too. You just have to have a partner-in-crime worth experiencing it all with. But also, life is shit and you're better off just chilling the hell out".

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