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Treadstone (Pilot Episode), 2019

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    Treadstone is a 2019 spy series based in the Jason Bourne world. The series stars Jeremy Irvine, Hyo-Joo Han, Tracy Ifeachor, Michelle Forbes and others.

    The series of course follows an agent of the Treadstone program who tries to get back his memory and clear his name, you know like Jason Bourne but unlike Bourne Treadstone lacks the intensity of what made Jason Bourne brilliant. Treadstone also lacks the writing that made Bourne one of the best espionage franchises in history.
    Treadstone goes around the world and has so many time-jumps that I found myself not really caring for any of these characters in the first episode because the series didn’t take time to create a significant enough bond between the audience and the characters. Its character are boring, and the dialogue is nothing new, very basic and the whole world of spies is left being very basic.


    The fight scenes had me and my homegirl very upset, because if you can’t go into a Bourne franchise to watch amazing handheld fight sequences that get your blood rushing then where can you go? The fight sequences here are very and jarring but however they do try, so I’ll give them that. I won’t even talk about the performances because the script is wasting their talents, I mean you have Michelle Forbes and mediocre crap is what you fucken give her? FUCK ME!


    So, 2019 has finally offered me a “meh” series that’s probably not going to get better even though it shows major signs of potential. And me being the major Bourne fan that I am, I’ll be forced to watch this series until it’s eventual cancelation. I just wish the series going forward would cut down on the jumps, focus more on the characters, build up the story and it’ll probably be one the better series in the genre. A must watch for action fans.

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