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Travelers (Season 1), 2016

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    Travelers is Netflix Original's take on time travel. Though the show doesn't introduce new aspects to the genre itself, it does a good job in introducing a new way to narratively compel viewers towards the science of it all while keeping the human aspect. While shows such as Heroes, and even The Librarians, have gone the extra mile with the visuals to be more convincing with the science, Travelers does a 180 and focuses on the (personal) stories of its time-travellers instead.

    Much like Barry Allen, the heroes- if you will- here have a neck for screwing things up and posing dire dangers to the timeline. Travelers focuses on a bunch of random people who die for a second and get rebooted right away with an all-new soul installed. A soul from the future that has been trusted (read: burdened) with missions to save the people of earth from themselves so that the future isn't as in ruins as it turned out to be.

    In simpler words, these agents from the future overide (read: murder) innocent people's lives so that they may fulfill a much more important purpose. This moral indignity, if you will, molds itself within the story as these agents begin to unravel via the delights of the now. The future is dystopian- reference Blade Runner 2049. There isn't enough food or water, and simple things like burgers to indulge in.

    These easily accessible pleasures distract the heroes from doing what they were assigned (let's not not forget killed) to do. In this way, the show makes you appreciate what we have, while at the same time showing us that even people with the grandest moral standards and purposes can be just as susceptible to the world's ruinous influences as anyone else. Plus the heroes themselves are pretty badass, likeable and fun to watch.

    Travellers is not a show that is canny or inventive enough to embed itself within the person for years to come, as shows like 12 Monkeys and 11.22.63 have the potential to, but it is a satisfying watch. You won't regret binging this. Season 2 has just been released a week or so ago, so I thought I should review the show for all those who are curious.

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