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The War of The Worlds (Pilot Episode), 2019

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    The War of The Worlds is a 2019 sci-fi drama mini-series. The series stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Rafe Spall, Robert Carlyle, Rupert Graves, Nicholas Le Prevost, Harry Melling, and Jonathan Aris.

    Unlike the Tom Cruise and Spielberg classic (yes, I said classic). This series is set in Victorian times where a young couple Amy and George (Eleanor Tomlinson and Rafe Spall) just want live their best life in the city and make some coin (or at least try) but the aliens were like hell no, we’re from Mars and we like this planet, so move or be moved (lmao kidding but that’s the gist of it).

    I know for those of you who are hardcore TV fanatics will know that I am a week behind with this pilot review and I’m sorry okay. I do regret taking this long to review this because DAMN what a pilot episode. The pilot episode is so well written, the characters are likeable, and girl let me tell you that their lives are so messy as hell and that’s what made the first half of it so good, that by the time aliens showed up, we can’t help but want for them to survive.
    From the very beginning of this very long (feature length) episode we get that there’s something happening (with the whole George being married to someone else and the war happening), something coming (The red planet Mars that has something coming out of it and heads to earth) and impending doom (a future where earth is dead and red like Mars). The special effects are good, and the set design is brilliant, and we’re thrown into this era of horses, racism and war.
    Personally, I found the pilot to be perfect, especially the writing that gives, drama, sci-fi and that old Victorian forbidden love that will have you go “aww”. The characters are truly the driving force of the story and in recent times aliens have been made to be friendly universe saving characters but here, they do not come in peace and boy the British find that out the hard way. I like the fact that the feeling of impending doom is built from early on, even when the invasion does beginning it keeps building and we expect some even more worse than what's happening. I recommend this mini-series to everyone who has taste (and by the way there’s another War of the Worlds series coming on the 30TH of October 2019 so be sure look out for my pilot review on that).
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