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The Umbrella Academy (Season 1), 2019

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    The Umbrella Academy has been compared to a lot of things this past weekend upon its debut- the one that frustrated me the most being that it's basically boring because it's the new X-Men. I mean, what the hell?- but the one superhero group I'll gladly welcome it being compared to is DC Universe's Doom Patrol which also happened to have debut on the same day. Writer of the original comic book from which the Academy is adapted, Gerard Way, has admitted many times that his group of trouble, dysfunctional heroes was heavily inspired by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney's portion of unhinged heroes.

    The Umbrella Academy sees a family brought together by a billionaire who buys seven children for his own personal gains, from which six have fantastical powers. Now this billionaire dude is incapable of loving or even performing any ordinary parental stuff, and that's where the depressive personalities of each of the now grown-up children stem. He didn't even care enought to give them real names, opting to label them by the order with which he purchased them- Number 1 right up to 7. Family drama isn't even the word for what unfolds upon all the hatred they harbour for their father, each other and mostly themselves. Each with their own internal and interpersonal struggles, this grouping serves for probably the moodiest ensemble of superheroes ever. The well-written comedic balancing is much appreciated in this way as we get what was promised in return; a fun, wild ride with a bunch of superheroes trying to stop an apocalyptic threat while also kicking butt, mostly each other's (verbally), and dealing with their internal turmoil and other emotionally-enclined shit.

    Apart from having to nurse a headache from trying to peace together Number 5's "end of the world" clues, this show is pretty neat and straightforward. We have a highly dysfunctional family of members who are even further confronted and fueled by their non-blood relations. They also happen to have odd superpowers, and oh, get this, they keep a talking chimpanzee as the Alfred to their split-bodied Bruce Wayne. All of this is super exciting and makes for a show that is worth being followed in the end.

    I mean, I'll give it to writer Jeremy Carver for being able to make us super interested in the family and the often gruesome events that abundantly unfold in the large and fancy but spooky Umbrella Academy mansion, even when the characters themselves aren't as exciting to base an official heed in. Well, save for Robert Sheehan's Number 4 and Aidan Ghallagher's Number 5. Number 4 (Klaus) is the drug-addicted delinquent sibling who dawns skirts, fancy fury blouses and all-things fabulous and lives to serve as a spirited pain in the ass to his family.

    Number 5 is a time-traveling "holier than though" persona who takes no consideration to rules of any kind. This type of attitude is what gets him in a pickle as he finds himself in the near dystopian world, after he time-travels to and gets stuck in the future- going against his father's very strict instructions not to ever attempt such a demanding and dangerous activity (oh wait, he cares?) He then finds his way back to his way back to his family after many failed attempts. Upon arrival he realises that he's still a teen he left the present as, while the rest of his siblings are now adults. 15-year-old Ghallagher embodies the character so effortlessly that you begin to believe that he is indeed an old man stuck in a kid's body. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him in more stuff after this impressive performance.

    There isn't any doubt that this show is a visual spectacle- he scale is nothing short of amazing when the show kicks in into its "world saving" adventures- this fact gets becomes even more of a hallmark considering a TV budget being able to be spread this wide to match some of the blockbusters we've gotten at the cinemas of recent years. What impressed me the most were the kinetic movements of the camera, during fight sequences. Ultimately, the show boasts an amazing balance of story, drama and comedy, characters and superhero adventures. Watch it as soon as you can.

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