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The Twilight Zone (Season 1), 2019

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    The Twilight Zone might have been popular back in the day because there wasn't much boundary pushing science fiction. The reboot feels stale and infertile because we have so much of these mind-bending tales in this age of Game of Thrones and Westworld. The reboot could've used some inventiveness to layer the retelling of these stories most of us already know and love.

    The writing feels unsure and sometimes downright lazy. This is a Jordan Peele show by heart, as the design and pacing show, but that's where Jordan's DNA in this ends. There really isn't space for laziness in this era where saturation and hype are rivaling. This is the era of television, more so inventiveness and gutsiness in stories told for TV.

    The show so far heavily relies on sensationalism to compensate for the lazy writing.

    All of what I've mentioned above is taken into consideration in the third episode. Though relying on sensationalism here and there, the writers start to realise that they could go deeper into the mind-bending material instead of feeding us surface-level plots that we've seen a thousand times over. In this episode we're offered a new view of time-travel, all portrayed through the bond of a Black family and them overcoming struggles weighed upon their shoulders from birth as Black people.

    From the way the episode is shot, to how the actors portray their respective roles, this particular episode could've easily been a film that collected most award honours this year. Jordan's influence is felt the most in this installment, as he's connection to Black strange-fiction stories shines through.

    I was hopeful that the series would only soar higher from here forth but episode 4 was as artless as they come. The story was there, but it lacked depth and execution. Some tales tell better on a piece of paper, but it takes wizardry that the Villeneuve's and Nolan's perform to bring life and character to a mind-bending story.

    So far, The Twilight Zone feels outdated and not even Jordan Peele's quick-wittedness manages to breathe new life into it.

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