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The Sinner (Season 2), 2018

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    I have to admit I wasn't aware that The Sinner was taking a more anthology approach than a continuous series. Aside from Season 1's Ambrose reprising his role as the mysterious and obviously wounded detective, who was essential to the series plot. This new season comes with an all-new cast. Yep, no Jessica Biel in sight. A 12 year old kid, named Julian, is at the center of all the mystery and mayhem.

    I've time and again highlighted, on my social media, that Season 1 was a huge disappointment; in that it teased a lot of darkness, a dash of witchcraft even, but all of the twists and turns ended up being revealed as mere misleadings and the story in fact didn't have much to offer apart from thrills and suspense. Although it was promising in the end, turns out Season 2 is the same; almost anyway.

    Season 2 takes a step further in pumping the adrenaline right into the mystery and suspense. Plus, our Sinner this time is a young innocent boy who commits murder by some impulse. The kid was raised in a cult, and has been isolated from kids his age from birth, so a special interest is taken in his mind state as we try to figure out why he could have commited such a heinous crime. In fact, the show this time takes a special interest in the human mind; what motivates us to do stuff? Do the things that we grow up seeing/surviving mold the people we become? Do we ever grow up, or do we just stay helpless children in adult bodies? What is accountability? Does it make you good or bad to put yourself first? What terrifies us? You get where I'm going.

    It's quite an interesting story to follow, an intriguing murder to uncover, and rising star Elisha Henig's (Julian) acting ability makes it worthwhile. The rest of the characters I personally disliked, like, really disliked, because they were developed so poorly, almost too generic, but the story is too compelling at times to care about who's delivering it.

    The final episodes' reveal are just as dissapointing as Season 1's, but at least now we've gotten a better story to follow so there isn't much to lose. Plus, visually, the show is stunning. There's nothing better than watching something that takes its aesthetics seriously, of anything. Watch this show when you have time, it might not be at the top of the list, but it's on the list.

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