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The Sinner (Season 1), 2017

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    "While at the beach with her husband and son, Cora Tannetti, for reasons unknown, stabs a beachgoer to death, sparking a police investigation."

    The Sinner starts off as an enticing exploration of trauma. For as long as it can, it manages to both lunge into uncharted territory- introducing bizarre elements to the plot- and keep us adopted by its reckoning. Incest, hints at some sort of black magic and sacrificial practices, emotional/mental abuse and torture, and even grooming.

    The promising show instead eats at its own tail as it drags closer to the season finale, making clearer its weaknesses and lack of discernment all along. The studio merely managed to give it stellar packaging/promo to be convincing enough for us to stick with the story till the end. Had they possessed the same keeness in the writers' room!

    There are just too many establishing plots left unattended for anyone to give it a pass for any reason at all. The lead detective has some pretty weird fetishes, but how did his messy personal life contribute to the plot? Why did he wake up at the early hours of morning- just as Cora? Did the symbolism have to be so emphasised if in the end it wouldn't contribute to much else other than a surface-level trigger?

    Also, what was with the misleading plot-twists which relentlessly convinced the viewer there might be some serious sinister s*** going on? I expected to see some chilling body harm, sacrificial offerings, blood and guts all over the place, or at least some mind-bending psychotic breaks, possessions... anything! This is the sick and ungodly machination the show needed but painfully lacked.

    The Sinner was supposed to be a hit series that crawled out of the woodworks to set a new standard for TV storytelling- and also serve to escapism as an the newest thing to religiously follow. It instead drowns in its own undercooked, tasteless sauce.

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