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The Punisher (Season 1), 2017

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    Follows Frank Castle on his quest for revenge. He goes in guns blazing, shoot now ask questions later.

    Yikes where do I even begin? The Dare Devil spin-off should have just not been made, as it really didn’t add anything new to Marvel’s cinematically tied TV universe. The series is basically a bunch of events put together and hopefully they gelled.

    Throughout the entire series I kept asking myself “who is actually being punished here?” me or the bad guys? This was a perfect opportunity for the MCUTV to rebrand itself post-lackluster Iron Fist and the very forgettable Defenders. This was the perfect opportunity for the MCUTV to claim their stake in the multi-movie franchise but sadly The Punisher ends up being a filler show.
    I thought the show would tackle interesting issues around the American system but what we get is a show that’s brooding and bleak, and hides its faults in straightforward brutality which in itself is not game changing or refreshing.

    I felt a major disconnect with Frank Castle throughout the series, his character felt very stagnant and very little growth happened, the story somewhat moved forward but Frank remained same old Frank till the end, Jon Bernthal is great with his smaller moments but yikes those big moments were just too much (overacting is a thing (coughs) *Robert Downey Jnr*). The only character I was truly impressed by was Agent Madani (played brilliantly by Amber Rose Revah), Madani is possibly the most relatable character in the series as her motivations are clear and relatable to the everyday man and her actions make sense.

    Like I said I wish the show really tackled interesting issues, it tried though by adding political themes which made the series more grounded but the handling of those themes, and the PTSD storyline, and a soldier gone rogue wasn’t well put together. They seemed to clash as each was driven by two different things that were opposing each other.

    The show cannot justify its pacing, this slow-snail like pace made the whole experience cringe worthy and also doesn’t really help it since it picks up in the second half, but that doesn’t really work either as there was not build up. The pacing is a missed opportunity to fully develop ALL CHARACTERS and have them in a new and better place when we next see them.

    I still don’t know the message this series was trying to tell us, its “universal truth” was probably hidden by its faux anger and revenge porn ideology. Overall for me they need to go back to the drawing board and try again and hopefully give us a well-balanced, fully functional series.

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