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The Passage (Season 1), 2019

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    The Passage traces the journey of a group of scientists located on a mountainous highland, as they try to combat the outbreak of a viral virus before it takes over the world. This virus turns human beings into veiny, moody vampires who believe that the world would be better under their rule.

    The covert organisation's solution to this hindrance is to then basically abduct a family-less child to experiment a cure on, after a lot of failed trials on death-row candidates. An agent within this organisation, who was initially chosen to bring the child into custody, goes on the run together with the child in question in revolt against human experimentation; especially such immoral activity being carried out on a helpless child.

    Being produced by weighty names such as Ridley Scott and Matt Reeves, I immediately got excited when this show got announced. Five episodes in and I can already understand why these two big-time directors would agree to be involved with a project like this. It is a story that sounds like it needs to be told, and would subsequently make for watercooler conversations week-in-week-out as we deliberate our own humanity and perceived realities in a world under threat from a global plague.

    Although adapting this pseudo-scientific vampire best-seller, by author Justin Cronin, was a great idea in theory, the objective doesn't translate well on screen. The series has ended up looking murky and colourless. The story has no real core or drive, except maybe for the convincing surrogate father-daughter relationship between Brad Wolgast and Amy Bellafonte.

    Overall, this show brings no real substance to the genre, and never seems interesting enough to want to follow. Not even the characters are well-rounded enough to want to see their individual arcs through to the end. There's nothing much to see here unless of course you're merely interested in seeing blood-sucking, terror-ridden vampires conspiring against humanity.

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