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The Originals (Season 4), 2017

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    I must say I'm quite shocked that The Originals doesn't get as much hype as the likes of Game of Thrones. This show sure deserves all the rave it can get. The writers never miss a beat and the actors, whether recurring or otherwise, show the hell up for the plots that are explored with each season eversince the show came to surface. Perhaps it's the studio's (The CW) fault for not putting much effort into really sinking their teeth into the viewers' skin through marketing. Or is it the viewers themselves that don't care enough to recruite into the vampire series' fangroups? Either way, this show deserves better ratings or the few of us who enjoy its tasteful, bewitching torytelling don't deserve any lone minute of it at all!

    With all my ramblings out the way, I can get on to telling you that if you haven't watched the series' return in season 4 then you're depriving yourself of a world of wonder and chills. Season 4 is what television series dreams are made of; completely immersing yourself into the lives of fictional characters and channelling their charisma and sorrows alike, to forget your own miserable reality. I mean it when I say that this is possibly the best season yet, right next to its pilot season!

    In season 4 we witness a new threat lurking in the shadows threatening to do away with anyone or any creatures that tries to stand in its path to glory. The flickering blue-light spirit- which lights the room to look like a disco bar at 2AM whenever it shows face, to be honest- is much more of a threat than the Mikaelsons and their alias would like to accept. When this hungry spirit turns the city of New Orleans against the original family, we find that Claus' little girl, Hope, is at the eye of the brewing storm. Obviously that can't be good, because what better way to upset Claus than to put his family in danger, let alone his darling daughter.

    This season just descends from one twist into another, and by the time you realise that you actually have a real life waiting to be lived, you'll have torn through all 13 episodes in no more than 24hours- granted that you've taken the binge watching route, and not the week-by-week episode one. With The Originals there's never a dull moment, and season 4 serves nothing short of an enhanced experience. Hailey is much, much more powerful and assertive. Freya lets a bit of fresh air into her witching existence. Marcel affords a mercy which he soon regrets. And everyone else just always conveniently forgets that messing with a Mikaelson almost always means certain death- which serves for a bloody dish of endless entertainment. The Mikaelson's themselves are shaken to the core by the blue-light spirit that will stop at nothing to get what it needs, which gives us a new look at each of their individual fears and weakness and to what extent the family would go to protect those they hold dear. We even get to see Elijah at his most feral yet. Like, DUUUDE! Trust me when I say you NEED to watch this season a-sap!

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