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The Man in the High Castle (Season 1—3), 2015—

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    The Man in the High Castle is a sci-fi drama series set in a dystopian America where the Americans lost World War 2 and the country has been split into three regions, one ruled by Nazi Germany, one ruled by Japan and the other a neutral zone. The series follows Julianna Crain as she is inspired by propaganda films to rise up against the oppression, the films intertwines her life with others and takes them on journey where one side is trying to spread hope and make what’s in the films a reality while one side seeks to stop it. The series stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, Rufus Sewell, Joel de la Fuente, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and DJ Qualls just to name a few.
    The first season of this brilliant series is amazing, the production value is absolutely great and you can tell that Amazon put out a lot of money for it and it paid off. Everything from the set, direction, cinematography and performances are all world class and they elevate this powerful story. The first season starts a bit slowly but as we go on the momentum builds, the story unfolds and becomes complex along with the characters and we’re introduced to the three sides, the Nazis, the Japanese and the resistance. The writing is so good but what really takes shine in this season is Alexa Davalos’ performance as Julianna Crain, a character who goes from being blind and accepting the world as it is to a character accepting of her destiny within the resistance but like every lead character out there, her actions have consequences that mostly effect those around her, especially Frank played wonderfully by Rupert Evans.
    Frank in season one is somewhat living in fear because he’s Jewish, so he lives a quiet life but his girlfriend Julianna and the antagonistic forces of the Germans and Japanese force him to embrace that fear and resist, which starts him on a journey of finding himself and freeing himself from all that has happened to him.
    Season two builds upon what was created in season one while offering us a bit more sci-fi mystery into the films but what season two does so well is show us the lives the of certain characters which we should be hating like John Smith. Someone who is at face value a really horrible person but in actual fact he’s just a man trying to protect his family from the evils of the world and that means him becoming an evil of the world.
    The Nazi’s are explored more this season and see just how much power they have and see that they still want more, they crave it. Meanwhile the resistance is also shown a bit more in-depth and we truly see how horrific life is for people and the films this season show that life could be even worse if a nuclear bomb was to ever go off.
    Season three shows up with the science fiction aspect of the show, and brings it out from the shadows and into the light. Dimensional travel becomes a thing and plays a big part of the season but it’s the characters that take shine this season, Julianna having to come to terms with morality in this harsh horrific world. Joe Blake having to overcome betrayal and grief just to survive and Frank having to accept the consequences of past actions, actions that inspired many people to rise up.
    The finale of season three is probably the most depressing episode of any series I have watched (season three has some pretty bleak episodes might I add), the episode opens with an intense sequence that will have sci-fi junkies jumping for joy and it descends into a very grim and dark episode as we watch the Nazi’s destroy American iconography and any hope left. Like most of the season the episode had its fair share of glorious sci-fi, great drama and characters who kept evolving like the storylines but the show doesn’t forget what it is and that’s when it delivers a final act that proves why this show is probably one of the best sci-fi shows in the game currently. The last act had my blood pumping and I wanted to cry because DAMN! Overall if you’re not watching this series you’re doing yourself a disservice and you need to do better.
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