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The Magicians (Season 1 & 2), 2016–

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    The first season of this fantasy series thats based on the books follows Quinton as he discovers that he has magical potential and is enrolled in a magical school (think potterverse' Hogwarts but a university) that houses other students with similar/greater talents than Quinton but that's not all that happens in the first season as we discover that the books Quinton has been reading as child growing up are actually true, and that there is a magical kingdom in another dimension in which magic on originates. The series takes us on a fun ride with its mythology and fantastic characters, from Quinton being the classic fish out of water lead to Julia his best friend losing her way in order to gain power, to the classic nerdy know it all blonde haired love interest and the age old "druggie" and queen bitch characters that take our boy Quinton under their wings. The first season takes us on a joy ride with it's multiple storylines and journeys. The show is definitely a genre show and won't appeal to everyone but if you're looking for a somewhat off beat - trippy at times show The Magicians is perfect especially if you're looking for an escape.

    Season two kicks off right where season one ended but it just gets better, from the amazing character growth of certain characters like Margot and Elliott to the introduction of the crazy villainous characters (that crazy trickster Fox god) we got a brief intro to in season one to the extension of the mythology of the show. Season two had some powerful high moments for certain characters and painful realizations to some, this season saw characters try to deal with their new circumstances and we spend less time on earth this season. Like season one where issues of mental health and substance abuse were brought up and tried to be dealt with the best way they know how, season two takes a darker turn as it deals with rape and how the rape survivor deals with the ordeal, and what would a show about magic be without the consequences of magic? And oh someone dies midway but no one stays dead for too long when magic is involved but do they come back the way they were? Like I said before The Magicians got better this season but it went darker and that's good thing, as it didn't lose itself and all the fantastical and trippy adventures we expect from it, also this is a genre show it's not meant to appeal to the masses, you only love it or hate it.
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    Thanks for not having spoilers
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    I watched a few episodes which I didn't really get into. Maybe I'll take it up again.

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