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The Dragon Prince (Season 1), 2018

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    Avatar: The Last Airbender creator Aaron Ehasz has finally created a new world in the form of streaming giant Netflix's The Dragon Prince, which feels much like a response to Game of Thrones, as much as Last Airbender was regarded an alignment to the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings era.

    The 25-min (each episode) 9-episode fantasy epic adventure only ever establishes this new world to us in season one, but doesn't once fall short of convincing us that this is the show to watch out for, a story to stay with for a long time.

    Most of the first half of the season we're introduced to various interesting characters, including leads Prince Calum and Prince Ezran, accompanied by a Moonshadow Elf girl who was once their enemy but now contributes to their cause to bring peace to their sparring kingdoms.

    The humans and the Moonshadow elves have been sparring for many years now, because the elves believe that the humans killed the heir of their king- a dragon egg, of their dragon king. It is discovered that the egg was not destroyed by the humans, but rather stolen by the human king's close advisor and friend Lord Viren (think Little Finger from Game of Thrones).

    The plot beautifully unravels there after, the same way we've seen in prologue episodes/films of the likes of Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings, following our protagonists through a strictly linear timeline to making things right and I guess ultimately saving the world as any hero is expected.

    And of course because this is an animated series meant for kids, the storyline is not as intense as the films/series it draws from, but that doesn't mean that it's completely adult-repelent, in fact the underlying themes of racism, prejudice and other suchlike social issues—as well as personal issues such as betrayal and honour—will resonate well with adults, while the kids enjoy the epic action sequences and stunning visuals.

    And boy, those visuals!!! I'm not familiar with the animation style used here, but whatever it is looks very good on screen, capturing a medieval setting through a child's eye as wonder-fully and curiously as possible. From cute, weird-looking animals such as Prince Ezran's bull toad pet that shines and glimmers its emotions, to the beautiful landscapes, this is a series to satisfy your visual cravings in a world built attentively by its already attached writers and director.

    The Dragon Prince is full of wonder and humor, well-developed characters already, a confident storyline, and glorious world-building overall. I have no doubt that if Netflix does develop a second season, things will get much more interesting as the first season is a strong foundation for a thrilling, satisfying story to follow.

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