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The Capture (Season 1), 2019

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    The Capture is yet another pacy British crime/conspiracy thriller that might remind you of last year's (2018) Emmy-nominated Bodyguard (starring Game of Thrones' Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes), and the edge-of-your-seat American thriller Condor.

    The show follows a young war veteran (Shawn Emery) shortly after he's acquitted from a crime he has seemingly not committed- to only fall into custody for yet another federal crime he might or might not know anything about. A shit storm of state conspiracies seem to follow this man at every turn, but could he have been involved the crimes in question? Is the government trying to cover its own tracks? These are a few of the many questions that will be racing through your mind as a viewer throughout the pleasantly short and meticulous 6-episode season of the Capture.

    CCTVs and deepfakes are something we're all aware of as a generation that's now half of the time existing on the Internet, and we're also highly concious of how rapidly our technology is advancing to make almost any and every scenario possible through artificial intelligence algorithms and alterations. But can we ever tell deepfakes from the real event, especially when video evidence is so convincing? This is the unfortunate reality that Shawn is facing, while an up-and-coming Detective Investigator Rachel Carey (played by the talented Holliday Grainger) works to uncover the actual truth.

    This is a show that, similarly to Bodyguard and Condor, seeks to shed light on in-the-shadows government operations that have surveillance over and affects ordinary citizens. A state that has every facet of your humanity filed away and at their disposal is very dangerous, since it can alter any part of your reality to suit their agendas at anytime. Is there still hope for ordinary people who are powerless against the government and AI? Are those very people also culpable of altering reality to their benefit when given the opportunity?

    The Capture is character-driven narrative that builds such a fast-moving, deceit-filled and very emotionally charged world. By the time the action truly kicks in by episode 3 you'll already be overly invested in the uncovering of the truth. Episodes 1-2 are slowburners that only seek to intimately introduce the characters of this world, but by the end of episode 2 we're made aware of the mind-blowing journey we're about to take into the deep unknown.

    The Capture forms such an emotional and captivating narrative because the scenario at the core is tangible- everything that happens here can happen to any of us. Which makes it a helluva ride to watch because there's nothing like a good conspiracy thriller to get lost in, while also gaining intellectual capital from the piece of story.

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