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Stranger Things, 2016–

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    Let me tell you, I tore through Stranger Things on a dark, rainy Sunday last year (2016) and I will simply never forget the day. Besides the fitting weather having some influence (as the show is somewhat terror-filled), this show proved to be one of the best directed and written series in this decade. This is not just to say it, it actually lives up to the critic go-to.

    Stranger Things is a sci-fi mystery which follows the lives and adventures of three young boys, led by a strangely gifted young girl spotting a distinctive buzz-cut, after their dear friend, Will Byers, goes missing. It is set in Indiana, 1983. Thus paying dues to the filmmakers of that time in its story, location and direction. The kids, their families and the town's sheriff go on a search for answers and they discover terrifying truths that will raise your hairs.

    I've not much to say about Stranger Things, except to highly recommend it to anybody reading this. It is possibly Netflix best series. From the perfect casting (Winona Ryder, anyone?) to the most fitting setting, to one the most wholesome, fulfilling stories on screen you will not regret taking in all eight episodes like a drug within a few hours.
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    I enjoyed watching Stranger Things. I can't wait for Season Two!

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