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Star Trek: Discovery, 2017

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    "The only way to defeat fear is to tell it 'No'. No, we will not take shortcuts on the path to righteousness. No, we will not break the rules that protect us from our basest instincts. No, we will not allow desperation to destroy moral authority."


    Star Trek: Discovery is the latest instalment within the iconic Star Trek franchise which has captured the hearts & minds of nerds all over the world for over sixty years. The events of Discovery takes place ten years prior to the original crew of the Starship Enterprise led by Captain Kirk being assembled. The galaxy has been in relative peace for many centuries but a chance encounter between Michael Burnam's Starfleet crew & a Klingon war vessel leads to a violent skirmish that unfortunately results in an all out intergalactic war that pits the Starfleet Federation against the warmongering Klingon empire. Michael Burnam is identified as the primary catalyst for starting the war which results in her being dishonourably discharged from Starfleet & sentenced to life in prison. However whilst Burnam is on route to prison she is rescued by an unknown newly commissioned Starfleet vessel known as the Starship: Discovery which is being utilized for covert war operations. Michael Burnam is given a second chance to redeem herself by the Discovery's captain in order to help end the war she started before even more lives are lost in the conflict.


    Star Trek: Discovery is arguably one of the best science fiction series to have came out in recent years & it does a splendid job at expanding the legendary mythos of the Star Trek universe (cause we all know how fandom's are so fussy about their precious franchises). Discovery has beautiful visuals & cinematography that borrows a lot from the recent J.J Abraham's Star Trek films which makes it even more enjoyable to watch (since Discovery is a prequel to Star Trek its actually great way to start with the franchise before you watch the film trilogy).


    One thing that Star Trek has always done better than Star Wars as a franchise is introduce more diverse casts in terms of gender & ethnicity ever since the very first original series. Discovery continues this progressive legacy of the franchise by introducing numerous positive diversity castings including having an openly gay couple & making the lead character a black woman. Star Trek has also always done well in terms of adding more realism to the space opera genre so we get to see these individuals tackle a lot of serious societal issues (even if sometimes it may only be in metaphorical sense).


    With stunning visuals & a poignant redemption story during a time of great turmoil Star Trek: Discovery is a truly brilliant show to watch that you should all watch ASAP whether your a long time Trekker or a newbie to the franchise.


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