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Pure (Season 1), 2017

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    Pure is a crime drama which originally aired in Canada this January before being picked up Hulu. It tells the story of Noah Funk (Ryan Robbins) who has just been ordained as the pastor of a Mennonite colony in a fictitious town called Antioch.

    His sudden appointment is met with resistance from goons operating the Canadian arm of the Mennonite mob based in Mexico who control the drug trade as well. (Also found out that Mennonites differ in doctrine from the Amish people though their dressing and mannerisms are quite similar.) A series of unfortunate circumstances lead to him being investigated by police detective Bronco Novak (A. J. Buckley) who loves his drink a little too much.

    The series expertly fleshes out the characters as brothers, colleagues, exes and gives the story points of view that move the story forward. It also leaves out just enough threads for a new episode to pick up and carry on. For instance Detective Novak has a rather tumultuous relationship with his son who I'd love to see developed into a more prominent role in the show.
    There's a thing about churches and politics and crime that I find so fascinating which is probably why I enjoyed it enough to watch it twice. It really is a great show, I'm holding out hope for season two which may or may not be produced.

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