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Once Upon A Time (Season 1 - 6), 2011–

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    The series follows Emma Swan as she travels to the small town of Storybrooke, where fairy tale characters reside but these characters have no memory of their fairy tale lives, so they living as regular people. Emma learns that she is the daughter of heroes Snow White and Prince Charming and is the prophesied saviour.

    Emma must now gather up the courage, hope and belief to stop the villains as they threaten the residents of Storybrooke in which she defends.

    Oh my gosh where do I even begin? Six seasons worth of epic fairy tale adventures from the genius minds of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz the creators of Lost.

    The show adapting fairytale stories already has a lot going for it, there's a lot of stories they could tell but what works for OUAT are the compelling characters, which get you on the first go either you love them or you don't.

    OUAT shows us that even the purest of characters can be corrupted like when the purest of them all Snow White blackens her heart for revenge, but it also shows how the darkest of hearts became that way. We follow their decent into darkness and it usually involves magic and/or love.

    We get brilliant origin stories and great "hero's journey" for Snow White and Prince Charming, and other characters I don't want ruin but the most surprising hero's journey we follow is from Evil Queen Regina to Hero Queen Regina. The change from one of the cruelest fairy tale villains to one of the most underrated heroes of the show. Let's not forget the show within itself is a hero's journey for Emma Swan and that all comes full circle when she faces her final battle in the 6th season (Jennifer Morrison, the actress that plays Emma Swan gives a great performance throughout but shines in the 6th seasons musical episode) as Emma realizes that she has never been alone, even if she felt like it.

    The villains are also an interesting bunch and the writers always seem to know how to change things up when it comes to their journey, throughout the series we learn that everything bad always can be traced back to Rumpelstiltskin, a character so evil one would think there's no hope but we learn why he is that way and why he would allow power to corrupt him.

    It all comes back to family one of the strong themes that shine through in later seasons, as all these characters in the end are either looking for true love or family and this causes so much conflict as they try to get to their goal. Characters such as Peter Pan are twisted in a way that they become villains and you end up actually believing that Peter Pan is an immortal bad guy that eats hearts in order to stay young.

    And the brilliant dark turn of Emma Swan, just the writers reminding us that even good can be corrupted if the circumstances are right.

    We even meet the Frozen girls in a later season and we learn that the Ice Queen just wanted a family (going back to one of the core themes), so she cast a spell that made everyone hate each other while her, Elsa and Emma remained unharmed (her perfect family).

    We're even introduced to Greek mythology in the form of Hercules and Hades just to breakaway from the fairy tales, but my personal favourite none fairy tale character introduced is The Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. Such an incredible character with such a rich story, I don't want to say more and ruin things but I will say she got what she deserved and I wasn't disappointed.

    The show is possibly one of the best shows that utilize the flashback scenes in the best possible way that it doesn't feel too over used or unnecessary. The show does have it's bad qualities like the biggest issue I had with the first few seasons was the dragging storylines which took forever, but they redeemed themselves when they made the next seasons separate storylines so we would spend half of the season focused on the first drama which would lead into a completely new different drama to close of the season. Another issue is the goddam filler episodes that no one (by no one I mean myself) cared for.

    I will say a highlight of the series was the lesbian storyline between Red Riding Hood and Mulan, a true highlight of the series which wasn't full played out but it was a good nod to the LGBT community.

    Those final moments in season 6 where the characters are all happy and sharing a meal and there's this overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness doesn't last very long when a new character is introduced who goes by the name of Lucy who happens to be carrying the iconic "Once Upon a Time" book is shown to be in Seattle visiting a man, who is revealed to be an all grown up Henry Mills. Lucy utters the immortal words "now come on, you're family needs you"

    Season 7 has been confirmed and is being treated as a "soft reboot"

    I love this show because it's escapism at it's best and provides quality characters and story from a source which is "universal", everyone knows these characters and their stories but not in this way.

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