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New Amsterdam (Pilot Episode), 2018

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    New Amsterdam is a new medical drama series which stars Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman and Jocko Sims. The series follows Ryan Eggold’s Dr. Max Goodwin who is the new medical director at New Amsterdam who seeks to reshape the hospital and turn it into a place where exceptional healthcare will thrive.

    We’ve had many great and not so great medical shows come and go and I’m still pretty undecided about New Amsterdam because I’m not sure if the show will bring anything new to the genre. I will say however that I really enjoyed this pilot episode despite all its shortcomings. The show does have some good elements, and one of them is the fantastic cast, who just makes you want to keep watching.

    Some might find the show to be over crowed but I think that’s a good thing because it’s a freaking hospital and we’re not just going to keep focusing on one doctor the whole season *coughs in Meredith Grey*. The show being “over crowed” gives room for the writers to explore different storylines and themes for these characters and hopefully try to break away from the familiarity of it all.

    The pilot episode chooses to show us that the show will try to be more than just a medical drama that focuses on doctors and patients but it will try to show us that these individuals care. I think that might be a good thing that helps the show standout from the rest and it might succeed where the enjoyable Code Black failed.

    The writing in the episode was nothing spectacular but it wasn’t bad either and with a few improvements, the series writing will really be worthy of the talented cast it boasts. Ryan is stellar in this and Janet is finally back on our screens after her terrific turn on Salem but I’m so excited for Freema Agyeman I feel like her character will really be a fan favourite of mine.

    Overall New Amsterdam offers nothing new to the genre (yet) but is still extremely enjoyable and with a talented crop of actors, the show could go places if the creative teams invests more in making the show stick and standout from a genre that might be suffering from “fatigue”? But my final word on this is WATCH!

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