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Marvel's The Punisher (Season 2), 2019

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    Marvel's The Punisher has finally returned for a season 2 that is determined to prove the show's worth as one of the more prominent television adaptations of comic book heroes.

    This time around, the show boasts of a cast that proves to have been the much needed breath of fresh air that season 1 often lacked throughout its grim 13 long episodes. Giorgia Whigham (who played Kat in 13 Reasons Why) comes in as Amy, a deviant who has gotten in too deep with the most dangerous of criminals. As the old-fashioned hero he is, Frank Castle (The Punisher) takes the girl under his protection and ends up being his surrogate father.

    This is where season 2 becomes most interesting, distancing itself almost completely from the dark cloud that was season 1. In this season we witness a new and improved Frank altogether. We get to see his "human" side to balance out his animalistic nature fueled by pure rage.

    Amy is a great match for Frank, she is just as fiery and ballsy as him, which makes for great comedic moments when the two have a go at each other. This aspect of him overall makes him more charming, though much scarier as he becomes more fierce about protecting the people he cares for.

    As far as a season 2 goes, Marvel's The Punisher chose a very different path for its sophomore which proves to be a clever, redemptive decision from episode 1. I highly recommend this show. A satisfying season of violence, darkness and unforgiving criminal activity, balanced out with love from any and every angle, honour and gold old banter.

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