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Manifest (Pilot Episode), 2018

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    Manifest is a TV drama that follows passengers on a flight who return after being presumed dead for five years and their miraculous return has the world and their loved ones shook. The series stars prince charming himself Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R. Ramirez, Athena Karkanis, Parveen Kaur and Luna Blaise.

    Alright I’ve been hype about this one since NBC released the first nine minutes online and it had me hooked. From the moment the show starts there’s this air of melodrama and it only got better as the episode went on. The passengers learn that five years had passed whereas they were only in the air for like 13 hours and that had them shook because life had moved on without them and now they must adjust to the new world.

    The writers however for me did fail in making the personal storylines a bit more unique as most of them were pretty clichéd and there was nothing new about them but there’s always room for improvement because whoa five years went by and that gives them so much creative room to explore and try to come up with a believable explanation as to what happened.

    Yes to the perfect blend of the supernatural elements and the mystery, Manifest is also trying to sort of tell us that there’s a higher power at play here and right now I’m leaning towards aliens because God doesn’t have the range honestly.

    Like I said the writing could be better in terms of the personal relationships, after the five years please come up with something else other than “oh it was your fault blah blah blah” so I won’t say much about that mess. The cast is great with the exception of Melissa Roxburgh she weirds me out because she has this weird expression on her face the entire episode and I was just like Nah. This is Josh Dallas’ first major gig since Once Upon A Time ended and I feel like he’s been typecast, mainly because his role here is not different from his Once character Prince Charming, both characters are so similar you’d think that Josh was starring in a Prince Charming spinoff.

    Listen this was one of the better pilots I’ve watched since I started doing this and I really can’t fault the pilot episode much, I think this will really be an interesting show that has huge potential for greatness. Manifest is really A MUST WATCH in my books.

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