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Light as a Feather (Pilot Episode), 2018

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    Light as a Feather is a HULU original supernatural series that follows five teen girls who play are twisted version of Light as a Feather...Stiff as a Board and in a typical Final Destinationesque fashion the girls begin to die in the order they played the game in, the remaining girls must solve this mystery and find out why they’re dying. The series stars Payton List, Ajiona Alexus, Haley Ramm, Lian Liberato with some Dylan Sprayberry, Brent Rivera and Jordan Rodrigues.

    The first episode is titled “...Stiff as a Board” and that speaks to some of the performances in this episode because whew chile THE GHETTO! And let me not get into their token black character. This HULU series plays more like a high school drama than a horror because the actual clichéd high school drama mess takes over the entire episode which doesn’t leave much room for any scares or mystery.
    Though the episode is extremely generic with its characters, writing, direction, and cinematography the episode does a good job in keeping you entertained and wanting the next episode especially the last scene in the cemetery. The good thing about the series is how short the episodes are in terms of length.
    Offering more drama than horror or any shock value at all the series lets the horror play second fiddle to the teen drama and I guess that’s okay because viewers are always looking for the next Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars and personally I would have preferred it if it was a lot more scary and offered me something new to the teen horror genre but it’s whatever I kinda enjoy watching them die but you’ll have wait till next episode to see if anyone dies because no one dies in the pilot.

    This episode would have benefited more if it instilled some horror because the teen drama is really nothing to write home about and I see myself binging this but not in a good way, I’ll binge it because I wanna know if its witchcraft or some demon behind all of this mess. I’d be really disappointed if it’s just some person, anyways check it out if you want 10 quick 23 minute episodes of teens dying.

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