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Legion (Season 2), 2018

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    "What if you're not the hero? What if you're just another villain?"


    After finally exorcising the psychic parasite (Amal Farouk the Shadow King) that had been ruining his entire life since child birth David Haller thought he could settle down with the love of his life & live a normal life but unfortunately his circumstances have grown exponentially worse. After being kidnapped by an unknown force at the end of his ordeal with the Shadow King David regains consciousness & finds himself at facility known as Section 3 which is a secret government tasked with hunting down dangerous mutants. Firstly he's told that he disappeared for an entire year (which David cannot account for). Also to make matters worse his old nemesis Amal Farouk is still alive in a new host and in search of his original body in order to regain his full power. What ensues is a mad race to stop the Shadow King from recovering his slumbering corpse but unbeknownst to David & his partners a much more sinister conspiracy is at play that could threaten to drive everyone insane & bring the world to ruin.



    The first season of Legion was a beautifully chaotic & unconventional work of art that managed to push the entire comic book genre forward with it's fearless & groundbreaking approach to storytelling. Season two does not disappoint in the slightest and continues taking the series to new heights. Initially David found himself questioning his own sanity but this time around he's forced to question his own reality. The theme of season two centered around the dangers of believing in false narratives which can distort ones entire perception of their reality so essentially everyone is fighting the dark infectious power of delusion.



    Legion continues to produce stunning visuals & camera work that would make the most seasoned cinematographer swoon with delight. It feels like you're constantly in a trance or on a copious amount of acid when watching any episode of Legion as it bombards the audience with radiant colour palettes & unnervingly beautiful camera shots. Legion continues with the experimenting with even more abstract concepts when it comes to the storyline & it to be quite honest sometimes the plot suffers a bit because of how the show deviates too much making it little hard for the audience to get a good grasp of what's going on (myself included I have to admit).



    Overall Legion is a solid piece of work and is really taking upon itself to take the comic book genre to new & interesting places showing what wonders can be achieved with total creative freedom over a project. The show also does well in terms of subverting the audiences expectations by ditching the ubiquitous "good" vs "evil" narrative. Legion is super engaging show that's constantly giving us further reasons to stay glued to our seats in anticipation of the next weird twist in this tragic tale of Professor Xavier's estranged son.


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