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Legion (Season 1), 2017

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    "You were right-- about David-- he's a world-breaker. And if you'd killed him, before he figured that out, then maybe your tactical forces and... What is it..? World coalition? Maybe that would have impressed me. But not now."


    Legion is a psychological thriller series based on the titular X-Men comic book character created by Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz. The series stars Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Jeramie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Jean Smart & Katie Aselton.



    David Haller is a lost soul who struggled throughout his life with severe schizophrenia which has made living in assylums, doing the occasional drugs and seeing therapists every other day of the week a normal occurrence in his chaotic life. One day David meets a new patient who's unlike anyone he's ever met before and he eventually falls in love with her. However their chance encounter results in in David unleashing an unmatched power that he never even knew existed resulting in him being sought out by people with similar astonishing abilities, mutants, and those with the government who consider his existence a threat to all of humanity. David has to embark on a perilous journey of self discovery that will reveal his exceptional mutant heritage but also expose himself to a monstrous evil that will stop at nothing to acquire Davids limitless strength for himself.



    The best way I can describe Legion is that it is a glorious & visually stunning mind f#ck. David Haller is a mutant with exceptional telepathic abilities so this show sought to emphasize the mind bending aspects of Davids nature with visuals that will make your brain hurt & of the wall sequences which match the shows primary theme of cinematic insanity. Honestly it was refreshing to see a television series that sought to distinguish itself with such epic cinematography & well executed non linear approach to the storyline. The show makes use of a unique style that combines retro & modern aesthetics which are quite similar to the visuals that we have come to expect from a trademark Wes Anderson film. No episode is the same (due to the fact that each episode would be directed by a different director) and it felt like the show was never afraid to switch things up by employing a different set of visual techniques & storytelling method which is one of the main reasons I love this show because it felt like everything was being made up as we progress further in the show but in a good way.



    Each of the characters are unique and out of the box which I really enjoyed as well because a series can only be as good as its cast. Aubrey Plaza was especially delightful in her portrayal as the lovable psychopath Lenny who never failed to impress with her off the cuff performance. In conclusion Legion is a brilliant show that has helped with the recent resurgence of the X-Men franchise which has benefited from making series & movies that have been relative game changers for the live action comic book landscape (Logan & Deadpool). Season 2 of Legion is around the corner so stop playing around and watch this top tier series that will melt your mind and possibly have you questioning your own sanity.


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