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Killing Eve, 2018

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    Killing Eve is as racy and captivating as it is a silly crime suspense drama that knows itself well enough to stay in its lane. Sure we've seen a dozen crime shows by now, but nothing quite like this one. Full disclosure, I only watched because of the momentum the show has been gaining through rave reviews week after week eversince it's debut, and am I glad to have been influenced!

    The storyline is cleverly non-linear as it twists and turns while our protagonist is in hot pursuit for a hot-blooded serial killer who has no pattern to her killings; this obviously serves as an annoyance to her pursuer.

    With every new plot and twist introduced the audience get a knot to untie along with the vigilante investigative team that is led by Eve Polastri (Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Oh). Anybody can appreciate an engaging crime drama where the audience is allowed into the speculative cat and mouse game just as much as the people leading the chase on screen.

    The villian is unfeeling and feral as it gets. This is the best part about the show because it's not often that we witness a villian who's completely unhinged and cares not who they hurt to satisfy their hunger for mindless mayhem; even when it means hurting those they've previously claimed to love or care for, if they're standing in the way of their shortsighted blood hunt.

    Killing Eve is captivating both narratively and in its unique storytelling style. It doesn't take itself too seriously as it slips a joke in every chance it gets. It goes without saying though that the direness of the situation at hand is anything but satirical; this is how the plot keeps us coming back for more with our hands clutched to pur chests.

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