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Homecoming (Season 1), 2018

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    Homecoming stars Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergan, a recruit to a shady government organisation that operates under the guise of a war veteran wellness centre, when it in fact illegally experiments on the subjects and has no real concern for their trauma-free reentry into the real world.

    The Amazon miniseries runs some 30 minutes for each episode, and this way feels like a quick treat for those evenings after work, when you're about to settle in before bed. And the show plays like that too, a slow-burn that is in no rush to reveal anything until the very end to leave you quietly longing for a season 2.

    This is a show that knows its audience well enough to not pressure itself into territories it has no business being in. It could've easily being a high-paced conspiracy procedural, but Mr. Robot director Sam Esmail takes calculated strides here, as opposed to his custom neck for high-tension.

    Visually, supported by the dotting score, Homecoming feels like it resides in the late 80s/early 90s although the setting insists that this story takes place a quite a couple of years from now.

    Psychological thrillers are usually built on fast-paced stories, filled with action and performances of human extremism that will leave your heart pounding. And yes, Homecoming leaves your heart in a state, but how it gets you there is what's special. The underlying traumas, the manipulations, the human brutality that isn't quite evident to the eye. This is a worthy watch, and if you're not into brewers then just do it for the last of the reigning queens of cinema, she puts on a performance that reaffirms her status as one of the best to ever do it.

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