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Grown-ish (Season 2), 2019

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    Season 2 opens with a dough-eyed desclaimer about sequels and how they're sometimes necessary, and I get it. The writers make us very aware that they're woke and keep up with social media, especially camping out under popular hashtags. And obviously someone, everyone, in the Grown-ish writers' room caught feelings about their show generally regarded either as average or totally unnecessary.

    The fourth walls are appreciated. But when they start doing them to no limit, that's when stuff starts getting weird. Someone needs to stop Zoey from looking into the camera too much, she's annoying as it is. Someone also needs to stop that entire writers' room from relying to much on referencing current trending topics, and having too many pop-culture eastereggs. A show that only runs for some 20 minutes should prioritise building its own unique characteristics, instead of leaning on other mediums for half its content.

    Zoey is an interesting enough lead because she's pretty and mousy, and we're shallow and soft so we'll always route for her no matter what, but how about getting her to be her own person apart from her low-life and her college experience ultimately being holstered to a boy? Sure, we all think love is the center of everything at some point, but this is turning out to be a romcom with a side of silly wokeness. Both unnecessary.

    The show needs to be true to itself and the audiences it so badly wants to impress. Give us an authentic Zoey who is developed better outside of her internal turmoils always triggered by boys. Does she get depressed? Does she read comics? Who is she outside of all the romcom BS?

    Nonetheless, this season is trying. It is essential better than the first season tenfold, so yay! to sequels. I also enjoyed that the camera work has improved. The overall acting and characterisations for each character have significantly improved as well. Aaron (Trevor Jackson) is comedic gold and should actually be the star of the show because he's a natural.

    The comedy is the only thing I haven't cringed at so far, and that means there are some great writers handling this show because as we all know comedy is the hardest thing to write. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, as well as future seasons, because it seems like things will only get better and better from here because the show runners know how to take critique and work on their mistakes.

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