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Good Trouble (Season 1), 2019

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    Good Trouble is a The Fosters spin-off, following the lives of foster-sisters Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster as they journey into adulthood, on their own away from the nestled care of their parents. Callie works as a Clerk at a law firm, while Mariana is a software developer at a tech firm. Throw in an impending love triangle coupled with loads of tears and awkwardness, and you have the young adult drama that edges on Sex and the City meets One Tree Hill, meets Suits meets Silicon Valley.

    Straight away you could tell that the acting is super forced, this is something that I kept hoping would get better as the episode progressed but it unfortunately didn't. Hopefully they do something about Callie and Mariana's chemistry, as well as their intrapersonal traits through the season, as the show heavily depends on them being interesting enough. For people who have been on a show together, and embodied their characters for some 5 seasons, they sure don't seem fit enough to play these characters.

    Nonetheless, the show seems to hold up quite decently, as it offers a bit of humour and drama, and everything else in between that you'd expect in both spinoffs and young adult dramas. It genuinely depicts young adult life without trying too much to gloss-over or over-dramatise scenarios.

    Leaving the home that you've known for most of your life to venture into your own space, start a career that you're personally responsible for, having to make adult decisions thereof, and all the other adulting shenanigans feel very personal and true. And as us new age young adults like to do, we laugh/brush off every (painful) experience while we internalise it as a way to protect ourselves from judgement and the world itself, which seems to be the central theme in this show.

    All-in-all this is a nice little show that every young adult in 2019 could comfortably relate to. Whether it's starting a new life, new job, relationship or friendship, this is a show that tells you that you're not alone and it's okay to go through whatever you're going through. Watch it only if you have time, though, and only if you don't expect much from it than silly entertainment with a dash of "everyday struggle" truths in the mix.

    Oh, the music, camera work and colour grading are worth the 50mins per episode if not anything else.

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