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Fast Color, 2019

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    Fast Color is an eco-conscious advert purported by moody superhero and girl-power flair, making it one of the most inventive stories to come out of an otherwise saturated era that is infested with playground superheroes. The film stars an eccentric and talented small cast, led by Gugu Mbatha Raw (Ruth), alongside Lorraine Toussaint (Bo) and Saniyya Sidney (Lila).

    Ruth is seperated from her mother (Bo) and daughter (Lila) for many years after an incident that puts her daughter in danger. We find that men in suits are on her trail as she leads a disgruntled life on the run. Ruth ends up at her secluded family home, where old wounds begin to open as Ruth tries to get her life back together with the help of her family; as they all figure out (what to do with) this strange power that they all possess

    Amidst all the brooding and darkly themes that the film explores, is a warm family drama that only seeks to embrace and heal a lineage of what is percieved a destined doom. The film's cinematography heightens the atmosphere of both despair and freedom, as we're being paced through close-ups and wide shots of the beautiful landscapes as the story unravels.

    Fast Color is a quiet and careful in its narrative. It never gets too complex or complicated, making it an easy watch of heavier themes than the usual superhero movie we're used to post 2010. It uses colour and shade where necessary and always keeps the dislogue organic and bold. This becomes an even better movie with each of the cast giving their best to their respective characters. It might be a much smaller movie in a larger universe of blockbusters, but Fast Color deserves those two hours of your time.

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