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Doubt (2017–)

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    This courtroom drama series is based on the lives and times of Isaiah Roth (Elliot Gould) and associates. At the helm of the firm is Sadie Ellis (Katherine Heigl) who is defending a man accused of murdering his girlfriend twenty four years ago. This highly-publicised trial evolves throughout the series with alarming discoveries being made until the season finale. Even as the bond between the two becomes stronger and they get romantically involved, the question of his innocence still hangs in the balance.
    Cameron Wirth (Laverne Cox) is an interesting addition to the firm with obvious skill in the courtroom. Her character who happens to be transgender and the relationship dilemma storyline is cliché and is hinged on the happiness of a partner and their 'diminishing' success.
    Other notable characters include Dule Hill as Albert Cobb, Dreama Walker as Tiffany Simon and Kobi Libbi as Nick Brady who has a criminal record and that reputation looked like a storyline that season two was going to explore.
    It is okay TV and could use a season two overhaul of creative direction.

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