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Dark (Season 2), 2019

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    After a long wait it is back again, was it worth the wait? The twisty mysterious first season of Dark left audiences speechless and eager for the next season, everyone wanted their questions answered. Without a doubt the first season was like nothing I have ever seen especially in the saturated genre of science fiction time travel. The high-end world building was what got me captivated and it also gave me three dimensional characters to care about, although sometimes it appeared a little convoluted, that was to be expected from a show with such a lot of characters, and it was nothing short of amazing.

    Questions From Season 1
    Between Noah and Claudia who is the baddie? The both presented themselves as heroes of their own stories.
    Noah's fixation on little boys and his seemingly prototypical time machine that kills its test subjects.
    What the hell is older Jonas up to? His real motivations were not clear besides closing the cave.
    What is Agnes Nielsen 1953's end goal? She presumably sabotaged Egon Tiedemann's marriage, for reasons unknown. Why did she come to Winden? She said her husband was a priest, maybe Noah?
    Can the order of things or events be altered to change the future? The predestination paradox?
    The apocalypse in 2052? What really happened and who are those people?
    I'm sure you had more questions.

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    The second season takes place six months after the events of its predecessor with Jonas in 2054. Unlike the past season this season gives us a clear plot, almost all of the major characters have clear goals, not self discovery but to save the world the from the apocalypse. This season continues the biblical references and symbolism that made the first one nuanced and exceptional but on top of that it adds more timelines to the already complicated ones. From the first episode we are hinted or introduced to the protagonist and the antagonist. The writers have figured that since the mystery has been unraveled it is best to bring characters with complex conflicting ideologies, Adam and The White Devil, and don't disappoint in any way.

    http://www.indiewire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/dark_noah.png?w=780 width=450
    I won't dive into too much details on Adam and The White Devil, it's a spoiler but I can confidently say they answer the question on the origins of time travel in this town. At the beginning Noah is not as mysterious as before and still has the same motivations but a revelation in the middle episodes changes everything, we get to see that he is just a principled family man. Hannah hasn't changed, she's still the same character that likes to control narrative and cares less about the time travel chaos around her and after all these years her goal remains the same, to get Ulrich's attention. Of all main characters from the last season Ulrich gets less screen time but it is just as effective. The different Jonases get much screen time than any other characters and he also goes through a huge self discovery journey. In case you are wondering, yes there are new characters and also new time travel devices. All time periods are as interesting as ever and if you get confused whether it is a period or scene switch just listen attentively, between period switchings there's a ticking clock that is used as a transition.

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    My takeaways from this season is that it was about change and self-discovery, characters discover the monsters within them and things they never thought they'd do. This story is self-contained, all the characters even the seemingly unimportant ones are complicit in the overall disaster. Some of my question were answered but the ending posed new ones and that gets me pumped for the next season already. It was worth the wait.

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