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Cloak and Dagger, 2018

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    No heroes' journey in place till about the 8th episode, no clear plot, no isolated villian that, like, traditionally villains! Cloak and Dagger can prove to be more of a chore than the thrilling watch you'd imagine a superhero teen drama to be.

    It drags on and on, and gets interesting too late, and even then it leaves the real good dramatic, cool setpieces for the finale, which is one thing that dug into my last nerve. The finale is what the entire season should've been; hearty, emotional, teeny, gritty, high-paced and thrilling with some cool action sequences, gripping heroes' journey and a clear mission.

    The intercutting between the two characters' storylines has a tendency to insue a headache because it goes on more often than it should, nevermind these particular scenes themselves being foggy and sometimes unnecessary. At times it seems as though the writers are not quite sure how to weave Tandy and Tyrone's storylines into each other without forcing the two characters on screen together every two seconds, but their efforts are worse than they should be. For its second season, the show should take the seamless intercutting on new shows such as HBO's Sharp Objects and Hulu Castle Rock as a masterclass.

    Tyrone Johnson (played by the superrr cute and talented Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) are two teenagers from two different backgrounds whose lives collide over one fateful night. Tyrone loseshis brother to a cop shooting, while Tandy's father dies in a tragic car accident on the same night. The two were with their now late loved ones on the night, and something else happened as their fate took to cause; a rig built by an evil and greedy corporation exploded, releasing some sort of virus, and the pairing somehow gained amplified abilities from the explosion.

    Characters are sold to the audience as human first, and that's the slightly clever, though other times annoying, path and twist the writers chose to pursue. There's not much superpowering and superheroeing done in this first season, which is only okay to a particular audience who has watched enough (superhero) movies/series to understand just how much developing the hero, establishing their origins, is vital to their story. Take the Man of Steel film for example, or Captain America's The First Avenger, and many others like them. But if a particular audience isn't familiar with similar material, then it might be difficult to convince the audience to see the show through to the finale as it is often times super sluggish and intentional in not giving us more until the next episode. As I mentioned, the real good, thrilling stuff only kicks in around the 8th episode.

    The storyline is foggy, the direction is hesitant and sometimes purely disorientated, the plot is weak, and everything else in between just seems like ambitious theory that lack the finesse of more experienced, confident execution. The material is there, but the showrunners just simply don't have the midas touch to exploit it to its full potential, as yet anyway. The fitting cast and their characterisation are the only thing, most of the time, that propel the story and make the audience stick around longer than they'd otherwise have the patience to. What I'm saying us, Cloak and Dagger has the potential to be a true superhero teen drama we all got excited over in shows like Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries, but for now we'd just have to be patient with its developmental stage. Hopefully Season 2 proves more refined and interesting.

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