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Bodyguard (Season 1), 2018

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    Bodyguard is a british political drama and police procedural that follows a war veteran, David Budd, who has now been recruited to protect the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. David and Julia's relationship becomes passive aggressive in its progression as David doesn't agree with Julia's political stance, but on the other hand he has sworn to protect her at all costs.

    The show consists of 6 neatly constructed episodes that never miss a beat. From the beginning of episode one we're introduced to a high-stakes world, where suicide bombers invade trains. And the bombs never stop popping up to threaten the many lives of innocents, all to push political agendas.

    A government conspiracy can often become overwhelming and then quickly boring with all the political jargon and the unnecessarily dramatised subplots meant to otherwise impress the viewer.

    Bodyguard is clever enough to not want to alienate and confuse the viewer, too much anyway, and instead assures the viewer that this is a story suited for them, to enlighten them as much as it is to entertain. The outcome nestled somewhere between Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom in its thrilling and well-constructed investigative ability, and The Wire in terms of pacing and controlled action sequences.

    Everything is done to precision on this show. I was highly impressed by the writers' ability to deliver such a gripping and sufficient story all in just six episodes, and it never feels too short. Bodyguard, come season 2, has the ambition to be one of the top crime dramas moving forward. Not to say that the 1st season isn't adequate, but it is only the groundwork of what seems to be a show that can take the world by storm.

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