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Black Lightning, 2018

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    Politically charged and thematically strong. I was convinced from the minute the story began kicking in that this would become one of the shows that not only I personally relate to, but the entire black community in its variety; the fighters, the dreamers, the revolutionaries.

    The system is violent in every way against the black community; they're targeted and marginalised unapologetically. It's infuriating and degrading, and black people have had enough of it, they are fighting back. This is as relevant today as it was when Martin Luther was leading a walk over than bridge, when Rosa Parks refused to move a seat on that bus.


    The plot is solid from the get go that I couldn't revelling the pure craft and care that went into wielding it. It takes a lot of writing ability to introduce a story this powerful ever so seamlessly. Jefferson Pierce (Black Lighting) is conflicted, he has made promises to the people he cares for that he'd not practice heroism again some dire circumstances.

    He now tries to move forward, putting his powers behind him, to live a simple life loving and protecting those around him, instead of the entire world. But the world keeps calling- it keeps needing to be saved from itself. This introduction to the superhero is compelling. From episode one we're assured that we have a wholesome story ahead of us to uncover.


    The ensemble is the strongest I've seen on screen. Each performance shines, each character has their wit that manages to reel you in and instantly get you interested in the rest of their story. When Black Lightning's ex wife is introduced to us I personally almost shed a tear at the actress' performing ability as well as the chemistry she shares with the show's star.


    This is a beautiful story centering around a black family, with a predominantly black cast. It really doesn't get better than that- I, speaking as a black person.

    "I saw a superhero, he was black. He said this is for the streets, Black Lightning's back"

    The main theme as well as the rest of the soundtrack is to die for. The showrunners here know what they're doing; from writing, to the technical department right down to the music curation. I'm both in awe and overly impressed. Well done to DC comics and The CW.

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