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Animal Kingdom, 2016–

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    I have waited almost a year for the second season of Animal Kingdom, which is quite a long time in this era of movie marathon weekends and Netflix. I'd argue that what kept me on the hook for so long was the drama and outright absurdity on Season One.
    The series is a modern day drama which follows members of a petty crime family lead by the matriarch Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody living from heist to heist. It is based on a similar film which was originally aired in Australia in 2010.
    The first season chased dramatic scenes and brought in multiple stories at a time which the second season has generally tried to cut back on. Instead, the show is focusing on character development and telling background stories with the exception of Joshua ‘Jay’ Cody, Smurfs’ grandson who takes off on a different tangent.
    The likability of the characters is also in question. The show could balance the pizzazz with more bare-knuckle character reveals. I would recommend this as an alternative flick when your favourite shows are on break.
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    This show is definitely a show worth watching, Especially if you want to see how family(not restricted to the bloodline) dynamics change how you think as you grow up in a criminal environment. and no it is not an "alternative flick"
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