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Altered Carbon (Season 1), 2018

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    Altered Carbon takes place in the future where death isn't the end of life but the beginning of a new one. A person's consciousness can be uploaded into a new body, called a "sleeve", to prolong the person's life. This is especially true for people with special talents or the wealthy, as most (top tier) sleeves are on the market. The series follows Kovacs, an ex-convict, who is hired to investigate a man named Laurens Bancroft's death. Bancroft died before a 48-hour backup of his conciousness could be completed. He's now and a new sleeve and suspects that he was murdered, and so needs answers.


    This show makes it too obvious that it's inspired by almost every cyberpunk movie ever, Blade Runner being at its core. I do like the editing and the invigorating colour palette and the neons used for lighting. You can never go wrong with neon lighting to be honest, especially with a show centered around futurism and technology.


    Though the story is executed in a heavil boring manner, you're still somehow manipulated into ploughing through the entire season. I'm not sure whether this is thanks to how pretty the visuals are or if it's due to the compelling plot. I mean, we're sucked into a world so technologically advanced in the future that almost anything imaginable is possible. Your very conciousness is able to jump from your body into another body, and nothing about your person changes besides outter features. Plus the action sequences are epic. It's all gore and blood without holding back. Also, the location long-shots are what I've personally looked forward to with each episode.


    Sometimes a movie or TV show doesn't have to be absolutely perfect to be worthy of a watch. Sometimes it's okay to just see the content through to the end because of whatever other good reason outside of it being acclaimed and overall perfect. Altered Carbon is one of those shows. It is visually compelling and has a plot just as intriguing. I'd recommend this show to anyone who's interested in a new perspective in the subenre cyberpunk, or anyone who's into non-linear, complex stories. As a cyberpunk fan myself I can say that anyone who's familiar with the genre will have a good nerd-out. It's a surprisingly worthy time-passer for when you're lazying around on the couch or in bed on a slow Friday night while your peers are out getting bulldozed.

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