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Sixghost - Songs About Her (EP), 2017

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    Songs About Her, an EP by Sixghost


    Relationships and human emotion have always provided the right fuel for timeless bodies of work. Whether it is the celebration of a relationship, like James Blake's sophomore offering Overgrown, or the mourning after the death of a relationship like on KanyƩ's 808 and Heartbreak, the power a relationship (or lack thereof) can not be underestimated. It is from this power that East Rand producer Sixghost draws inspiration from in the creation of his latest EP "Songs About Her". The title is self explanatory and on the short, 3-track EP, Six delves into his signature dark RnB sound whilst also finds some room for a little experimentation.

    The opener, Need You (which features fellow Woke Arts artist MXMNT) sets the tone for the EP. Synth bass grumbles and reverb booms as MXMNT croons about an almost self-destructive love. He does a good job of adding a layer of vulnerability to the brooding backdrop.

    The second song, Receptions, is a refreshing shot straight out of left field both for this EP and for Sixghost's style in general. The wonky chords and instrumental flourishes are reminiscent of early James Blake or Mount Kimbie, and as Black (the featured artist) lays ethereal vocals under the hypnotic drums, one can not help but feel a sensation of building towards a fiery explosion. Unfortunately Six doesn't deliver on this potential and while the song is still good, it does feel like a missed opportunity.

    MXMNT returns for the closer Hollows, which like Need You, is more in line with Six's style. The instrumentation is brooding and MXMNT's delivery, melancholic and almost pained. The beat rumbles on patiently as he curses a past lover for the emptiness left behind and by the time Sixghost's producer tag (a sample from anime show Naruto, which sounds like a cross between an eagle's cry and electricity) rings off at the end, you are well within your feels.

    Songs About Her is on the short side; it serves more as an aperitif before he serves the eventual meal that is Abyss part 2. But it is a good interlude. While the darkness can at times be overwhelming, the EP also attempts to explore another side of the Dark Prince of RnB and is a sign of progress as we move ever closer to his next full length release.

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