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Shane Eagle - Yellow, 2017

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    Shane Eagle and The Pursuit of Happines


    "My only one fear is probably dying with potential"

    Debut albums are marked by the expectations of everyone invested in an artist's craft. They weigh down the unworthy and inspire the ready. They operate as a rapper's mission statement, reveals their life long ethos and sets the tone for the rest of their career. Apart from enduring Vuzu's ''The Hustle", this body of work serves as Shane Eagle's first official outing. Known as a lyrical rapper with substance, the JHB native has built a steady buzz for himself through focused offerings and stellar music videos( "Julia" in particular) making the album one of the more anticipated releases this year.

    Clearly inspired by the blog era of rap, "Yellow" attempts to update the genre's traditional sound of 4 beat piano loops, sped up samples with more modern trap elements while still putting content over style.Surprisingly cohesive due to clever sequencing, It plays out like a mellow meditation on the pursuit of happiness, finding your purpose and the human experience when you're in your 20's.
    I know that you're there for me but I got a question. how come my momma ain't seeing no more changes?

    The first few songs and the back 3rd of the album are the most essential. Shooter Khumz laces the rapper with lush limited soundscapes of lethargic drums, guitar riffs and soothing keys, very similar to what J.Cole used earlier on in his career. Shane's mostly confident, laid back approach compliments them perfectly. The themes explored throughout pop up early as one is introduced to Eagle's family dynamic on the title track and more in-depth later on in ''Mihi". Mandatory deep dive about the come up and the industry make up most of ''Can You See Me'' & ''Strange", being young and aware plagues "Empty Highways" and his complicated relationship with God that hovers over the project and only gets resolved on peaceful ''Convos with God". The intro and 'Winter' are set up so differently from the rest and end up being highlights. Lead by enchanting strings and trap&b drums coupled with thoughtfulness, sincerity and infectious melody, they produce the most enjoyable moment

    "I have to balance these bars with being commercially viable"

    The more mainstream middle section isn't as memorable and some of it is straight filler like the interlude or unimaginative "Aliens" which gives one traumatic post-malone flashbacks.''Let It Flow" is a straight flex in technical ability, ''On My Own" is per fect late-night-drives-to-turn-up music.'Need Me' is a well thought out love single with a decent KLY feature.
    ''Yellow'' sounds tedious at times due to songs being too similar but it's a solid project which gets better with more listens. This is what you put on when you've had a really bad day and life's gets a bit overwhelming.

    Rating: 6.5/10

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