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Iggy Azalea - 'Savior' (feat. Quavo), 2018

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    Iggy Azalea has returned with her new island-flavoured record, 'Savior'. The Quavo-assisted track sees the Australian rapper flowing through her verses and pre-hooks.

    Quavo comes in on the chorus and gives the song the character it needs. Iggy knows how to throw a very catchy banger which is radio-friendly and will get you yearning for the dance floor. The transitions between verses, hooks and the chorus have been brilliantly laid out. It is not overproduced or messy.

    The 'Fancy' rapper is enjoying the success her new single has been getting on international markets.
    The song currently sits at #41 on South African iTunes. Once the video gets released and radio stations picks it up, it will definitely soar all the way to the top.

    Azalea explained on Twitter why she chose 'Savior' as her lead single.

    Iggy AzaleaI just wanted to share what i went thru with depression for the last few years and spread a message that you can find your happy

    Azalea was able to incorporate a powerful message while giving the track a memorable melody. The general public will definitely relate and fall in love with this one.

    'Savior' is the lead single taken from her sophomore album, 'Surviving the Summer'.

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