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Tyler the Creator - Cherry Bomb, 2015

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    Cherry Bomb is Tyler the Creators third studio album which was released in 2015.


    When we think of Tyler the Creator immediately we think of the unhinged leader of the Odd Future collective who is infamous for his provocative & offensive lyrical rap content. However since his dramatic debut on the music scene in 2011 with Yonkers Tyler’s music has grown in leaps & bounds with each album he releases. In Cherry Bomb Tyler is no longer the angry young black boy who spits profanities as a form self-expression or catharsis for childhood trauma but rather he seems to have come into his own as a young man who is set on focusing on making genuinely good music that doesn’t need the element of shock value in order to be relevant.


    Cherry Bomb is a true projection of Tyler’s unique personality as every song on the album is infused with his manic energy & unorthodox mannerisms. Although the theme of the album feels quite chaotic it stills works together to create a bold masterpiece that manages to elevate the sound of the alternative rap genre as whole & I also loved how no song on the album is the same because each track feels like a unique piece of art that Tyler meticulously worked on (even if some songs are a little weird).


    I love how Tyler experimented with a lot of different alternative sounds on this album especially with songs like Find your wings, 2seater, F*cking Young/Perfect & Blowmyload which all possess elements of jazz & funk (you can hear that Tyler was heavily influenced by one of his mentors Pharrell Williams in the art of creating urban alternative sound) whilst on the flipside songs like Cherry Bomb, Pilot, Death camp & Buffalo still have that vintage unorthodox Tyler feel to them because of their outrageous lyrical content & chaotic beats.


    Cherry Bomb is a magnificent album that showcased how far Tyler has grown as an artist. He really flexed his music muscle on this album proving that he is a genuinely talented individual who has a talent for pushing the envelope & experimenting with innovative sounds. Thank you Tyler for giving us weird kids a beautiful album that we can all bop too on our way to the skate park.


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