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Mr Jump (2015); Mr Jump S (2017)

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    Mr Jump and Mr Jump S are one-button "adventure" games developed by 1Button

    Note: I decided to combine the reviews for Mr Jump and Mr Jump S because they're pretty much the same game; slight differences exist, but I'll elaborate in the review. Sweet. Let's begin


    Mr Jump (and it's S counterpart) is, as stated before, a one-button game. All it is is "tap to jump". You control a small, nameless character made of squares and rectangles, who moves across many different levels at a relatively fast pace across your screen (well, it's more like the background is moving backwards), and your job is to jump over the many obstacles ahead of your path. Sounds easy and boring, huh? Well, that kind of depends on which of the two you play.

    Mr Jump
    This is the hectically difficult one. As soon as you begin, you're thrown in the deep end. No mercy is given. The obstacles (being gaps, spikes, forcefields, walls, and water) are difficult to get through from Level 1. LEVEL 1!!! The character moves quickly, so you have to time your jumps perfectly, and at the same time prepare accordingly for the incoming obstacles.

    If you're the type to get easily frustrated and rage-quit a game, this isn't the game for you. It requires you to be patient, and to learn from your (timing) mistakes. Oh, and you're probably gonna die roughly 120 times before completing each level. There are 3 worlds with 12 levels each.
    As per usual, the completion of one level unlocks the next. Upon death, you restart the level.

    Mr Jump S
    There isn't really much of a difference in style between this and it's predecessor. The main difference is that this is the easier one. In Mr Jump S, the speed of movement is the same, but each level has 3 sub-levels, and the level of difficulty slowly increases with each completed level.
    When you die, you restart the sublevel you died on.

    The worlds both games are identical in terms of graphics and look. The difference is the actual obstacles.

    Each level in Mr Jump (and sublevel in Mr Jump S), if completed perfectly, lasts about 30 seconds to a minute. It's not that long. I did say perfectly, though. *Insert upside-down smiley face emoji here*

    If you've played Mr Jump before, Mr Jump S seems like a heck of a downgrade. It doesn't offer the same perilous excitement as Mr Jump does. It doesn't put you on edge as much, perhaps maybe because of your experience with the harder version. It's like playing a game on Very Hard, then trying Very Easy. It isn't as enjoyable.

    If you haven't played either, and you like excitement, go for Mr Jump, and don't bother with S. If you wanna ease your way into it and get a feel for what it's like first, then you can go for S. Personally, I don't enjoy S because it doesn't give me the same rush of adrenaline. It feels like taking a great tasting glass of Oros and diluting it further, and I don't want my Oros messed with.

    Let's end this.
    Mr Jump is that rush of excitement you've always wanted (if you wanted it). Mr Jump S is that chilled uncle who doesn't give you hassles, but isn't really exciting either. Either game is the type of game you wanna play on the drive home to pass the time. It can either be addictive, or hella frustrating. It all depends on you.

    Mr Jump is available on Android and iOS. Mr Jump S is only available on iOS (so far)

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