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    Just Cause 3 is an open-world, 3rd person action-adventure game developed by Avalance Studios. It serves as the sequel to Just Cause 2 (released: 2010). Available for play on the PS4, Xbox One and PC


    The Story

    General Di Ravello

    In Just Cause 3 we follow the hero Rico Rodriguez as he attempts to overthrow the dictatorship rule of the Republic of Medicci (this is his homeland btw), the dictator being one General DiRavello.

    Now, usually I'd get into more detail about the story (without spoiling it, of course), but... that's really it. There's nothing more we can get into. It's about a hero returning to save his home from an evil villain. With a basic storyline like this, you'd expect there to be a little but of depth and uniqueness, but there isn't. The game struggles to make the player feel truly connected to the cause. This is especially felt during gameplay as the game rewards you for chaos. You don't have to worry about citizens' lives - just shoot your bazookaand whoever survives your wrecklessness gets freedom. Yaay -_-.
    Now, I know Just Cause has always been a series where "chaos is the point" - it's one of the main attractions of the game. But with a story such as liberation of people's homesteads, I'd expect there to be some warning or recommendation from the game for the player to be careful when liberating towns and provinces to make sure that civilians aren't caught in the crossfire, even if they're indestructible. That's just my two cents.

    Mario & Rico

    There are a few funny moments in dialogue though, sorta to make you forget how plain it is.


    Grapple and fly, baby

    Let me start with the good in this section. The travel is blimey epic, hey. By travel, I'm referring to the parachute, grapple hook and wingsuit, mainly the grapple hook and wingsuit. This is how I spend 90% of my time travelling around the island. This is the best part of the game. The physics aren't fully realistic, but so is a lot of stuff in the game so it's not out of place. At first, getting the hang of it is somewhat difficult, but really fun. After a few hours of play, you'll find yourself effortlessly grappling and gliding between towns and provinces; you'll see no point of entering vehicles unless it's for combat.

    Bavarium Wingsuit from Sky Fortress DLC

    The car handling isn't so great, and it's slow because you're limited by roads whereas with gliding, you can take "shortcuts". The helicopters and boats and pretty much every other vehicle have a fine handling though. I personally found myself using other vehicles mainly for combat, like the tanks. Helicopters can be pretty useful for travelling long distances of you don't feel like gliding there. There's also a fast travel feature, just in case you don't wanna travel at all.

    Now, let's talk about the combat. Combat vehicles are equipped with missiles and/or machine guns. Those pack a punch. Using a helicopter to shoot other copters down or just take down enemies can be quite a mission, but it's expected. Realistically, it's pretty difficult handling a vehicle AND a weapon(s) at the same time. But vehicle combat is not really what I wanna get in to. It's the hand-to-hand and persons combat.

    Taking over a military base

    First thing's first: the only thing Rico seems to be able to do is elbow people :/. I'm not okay with this. I'd expect a few kicks and punches, but all we got is "Press O/B to elbow". What makes this worse is the aiming in the game - it's pretty sensitive and head shots are almost impossible. There's no default auto-aim or lock-on. So many bullets are wasted during combat because most of them don't actually hit your target. One could argue that this adds to the chaos element of the game. I Wasn't a fan of this at first (might still not be), but this might not be the general consensus.
    Once you get used to this though (because, eventually you will) the gameplay can actually be fun. You can get absorbed by the carnage you create. The carelessness the game promotes can actually bring joy, in a sense.

    When it comes to liberating provinces, you gotta liberate every town and enemy outpost/base in them. To liberate a town/base, you're given a list of things you have to destroy there, such as propaganda vans, statues, speaker phones, fuel tanks, and billboards. Once you've done a few, liberating the others is pretty much the same. It can feel repetitive at times, but at other times it offers a bit of "exploration" for a few seconds when you have to find the next target to destroy. When you've liberated a town, you're rewarded with unlocked challenges. Completing the challenges earns you gears (depending on your score from completion). Gears unlock skills related to the challenge, so if you complete a wingsuit challenge and earn 4 gears, and the next wingsuit skill needed 4 more gears to be unlocked, you'll unlock it.

    In terms of the missions, they offer variety in the way you're gonna commit your chaos. One mission at the beginning of the game had you on top of a plane shooting at enemy missile batteries. It was pretty lit.

    Graphics, setting and other stuffs

    Parachuting over the landscape

    I mean, the game is current gen, so the graphics are pretty good. Facial expressions aren't great, they don't... express as well as one would hope with such powerful consoles at the developers disposal. If it interests you, the game is powered by the Avalanche Engine, the same engine behind Mad Max.

    The map is pretty big though. When you first look at the map, it seems big, but after gliding around a bit you realise how HUGE it actually is. This makes the thought of gliding and parachuting quite exciting, but then you realise that this game doesn't really promote exploration, so you'll be pointlessly flying and gliding :(
    The game does well to mix elements of urban, farmland, and mountainous regions. It helps create the feeling of freedom with the huge open spaces.

    Before I forget, I must warn you: the loading times in this game are horrendous. When you're playing an enjoyable game like Horizon Zero Dawn, having long loading times is okay. Horizon loads at the start of the game after the title screen and during fast travel, not much else. It's long loading times are forgivable. JC3's are NOT. After EVERY cut scene, EVERY death (this is normal, but leave me, in ranting), EVERY mission start, you're blessed with a waiting period. It's the 2010s and we still have long loading times? This is probably one of the game's biggest downfalls. To compare it to a game released the year before: Infamous Second Son doesn't have this nonsense. In fact, it barely has loading screens. A gem of a game.

    Final thoughts with Fifi

    So, to round this all up, Just Cause 3 feeds your soul with exciting gliding and sometimes exciting chaos. The "Michael Bay" is strong, and the game allows for you to get creative in unleashing your inner Michael Bay. The story is BASIC though and the loading screens eat your soul while you wait. Would I recommend you buying this? I mean, you deserve better, but if you love carnage and want something to pass the time because you've played all your other good games, then knock yourself out.

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