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Z For Zachariah, 2015

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    Margot Robbie stars in this movie as Ann Burden, a woman attempting to lead an effective agrarian lifestyle alone on her family farm subsequent to a nuclear apocalypse during which the valley where the farm she lives in was mostly unaffected by the nuclear fallout. She initially has only her dog for company, until one day she stumbles upon another survivor, John Loomis (Chiwetel Ejiofor); an engineer who has stumbled into the valley on his journey to find somewhere habitable.
    The two become hastily and uncomfortably acquainted and after John contracts radiation poisoning from a pond whose source lies outside the valley, she takes him in and nurses him back to health. The two begin to form a relationship, and things go spectacularly well between them, albeit awkwardly at times, until Ann stumbles upon another survivor a few weeks later, Caleb (Chris Pine), who is also trying to make his way to a survivors camp purported to not be too far from the valley. Caleb's arrival complicates Ann and John's relationship and goes on to ignite a slightly malicious rivalry between the two men for Ann's attentions and affections.

    For folks, like myself, who don't mind films that demand a great deal of attention and aren't necessarily action packed but fully charged with a great deal of emotion, this is a wonderful movie that deals, deftly and without being overdrawn or preachy, with issues such as love, survival, spirituality, jealousy, loss and loneliness. The cinematography is exquisite, taking advantage of the luscious, evergreen landscape to aid the storytelling in surprising ways.

    The actors' performances are also praiseworthy, with all three of them portraying successfully very ordinary people dealing with themselves, with each other and with extraordinarily difficult circumstance.

    It's an enjoyable, if not harrowing at times, drama that I would recommend to anybody who is a fan of movies like this.

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