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X-Men: Dark Phoenix, 2019

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    Mild spoilers ahead

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a 2019 superhero film, which is the 12th & final installment in Fox’s X-Men film franchise. The film is directed by Simon Kinberg and stars Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Alexandra Shipp, Nicolas Hoult, and Jessica Chastain.

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set in the 90’s and follows the X-Men as they try to save one of their own Jean Grey from being consumed by her own power. The X-Men must battle Jean and unknown enemies in order to save the day.
    Alright where do I even begin? Firstly as the final installment in series that really didn’t give a rats a** about continuity this film is a solid entry, however it’s a letdown if we’re keeping it 100%. Settling for a spectacular action packed sendoff rather than an emotional one, which for me really is a letdown because there is no true essence of the “X-Men” but the potential is there, it just felt rushed to me. I feel like all the important emotional and necessary scenes were cut so that we can just get our heroes straight to the action.

    Sophie Turner really carries the film with her performance where she gives us an extremely vulnerable Jean who makes you feel her childhood trauma but because of the weak script the character is not flashed out enough, her childhood wounds and power woes are really fumbled, the script doesn’t do much for Jean in terms of her thematic elements. Jean’s vulnerability is contrasted by Jessica Chastain’s cool and icy alien who again is let down by the script, introduced to us as an alien seeking to rebuild her world and then all of a sudden she wants to destroy humanity??? I mean Simon come the f**k on! Chastain deserved better.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique truly shines when she’s in hero mode and dragging Xavier. Speaking of a Xavier! His subplot has me so upset! Just when you think that maybe Simon Kinberg might be on to something, he fumbles the bag. Xavier’s dark side and ego could have been explored because let’s be honest James is a great actor who would have done it justice but again the writing messes up great potential by suddenly whiplashing Xavier’s character elsewhere, so whatever is introduced is never explored.

    Simon Kinberg however does give the MCU a run for their money when it comes to the action, he gives everyone but Xavier their moment in the sun and it is absolutely glorious. From Jean Grey wreaking havoc on her childhood neighbourhood to her and Magneto having a tug of war over a helicopter but the final epic battle sees everyone kick ass. Scattered Showers… I mean Storm finally puts her big girl shoes on and kicks ass, from taking on multiple enemies with her lightning to saving Magneto little Miss African Queen shines even in space, ugh her power! Nightcrawler pulls through also and Scott is well Scott, blasting people just save Jean, ah white love.

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix is an improvement from The Last Stand storyline and the film overall, slightly better than Apocalypse but eventually it settles for a fast paced action filled superhero flick that should be saying something about discrimination, grief, family and power corrupting but it settles for saying nothing other than that Jean Grey could moer Thanos if she wanted.

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