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Wonder Woman, 2017

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    Wonder Woman is a 2017 superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins, starring Gal Gadot as the iconic character and Chris Pine as her love interest Steve Trevor, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen in supporting roles.

    The film takes us back to Diana’s origins on her home island of Themyscria. Raised by her mother, Queen Hippolyta and trained by her aunt General Antiope, in the colourful first act we meet a young girl who aspires to be a warrior and protector of mankind.

    The opening act contains some of the most beautiful images ever produced in the DCEU, we meet this fierce warrior race of women who are strong and powerful yet fragile. Robin Wright shines as Amazonian General Antiope her tough but yet gentle portrayal works well side by side with Connie Nielsen's Hippolyta, who is just a mother trying to protect her daughter from the cruel world of men. Apart from having memorable imagery the beginning contains some memorable dialogue which impact Diana later on throughout the film.

    The middle of the film had me shook as the kids would say, Jenkins shifts from the beautiful golden colours of Themyscria to the harsh dystopian like blues of the modern world, this is the act in which Diana truly becomes Wonder Woman, the hero of humanity, there's a little sequence between Diana and Steve which carries such realism that hits the heart strings. Jenkins gives the explosion kings like Bay and JJ a run for their money as she shows the strength, grace and beauty of Wonder Woman through the action sequences and uses a little gimmick called slow motion to emphasize this, and it works, going from gimmick to a wonder of beautiful moving imagery, yup pun intended. Here Diana's character also grows and learns of the horrors of men and Gal shows off her acting chops and don't get me started on the chemistry she has with Chris Pine oh wow.

    The third is very important in every film cause this is your closing, this is your ending. The third act not only showed us the Wonder Woman we met in BvS but we also really get what she fights for and what she believes in and that impacts modern Diana, and we even see her become human, not a warrior, not a hero, not a demi-god but human, the tragedy that comes with humanity, the ending's colour palette ties back to the firsts but with hints from the second. Showing us that war will always have casualties both internal and external.

    GAL GADOT is Wonder Woman, Gadot performance is a mixture of determination, fierceness, and the naivete of a young woman who has just left her homeland is refreshing and amazing.

    The other stars that shine are the Amazon's who are so beautiful and come in all shades. Their strengths can be seen in the amazing first fight sequence at the beach.

    Jenkins succeeds as she allows these characters to be fully realized on screen. We see in Wonder Woman that Diana is motivated by a deep love of humanity. She grew up hearing tales of Ares and his destruction upon man. She doesn't want that type of horror to be unleashed on anyone. That’s why she gives up everything to join Steve on his journey back to the war. Jenkins is creating a character that’s motivated by love and driven by what’s right.

    Wonder Woman is a film that's beautiful, thrilling, honest, fun and tragic that fans comic nerds or not will be inspired by. A huge leap forward for the genre and DCEU, it has set a standard that the next coming superhero flicks have to meet.

    Note that Snyder's influence can be felt in the film so y'all better stop coming for him, his real world, real heroes, realism vibes excel and shine brightly in the second act onwards.

    Everyone go support this film now!

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