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Wind River, 2017

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    For a while, coming across Wind River being promoted online I had no clue what to expect from the movie, so I ignored it for as long as I was able. Only when the reviews began rolling in was I intrigued enough to begin paying attention to what would soon become one of my most rememberable films to come out of this year.

    Wind River is a chilling story by Taylor Sheridan, set in a small, lonely and frosty Wyoming reservation, where a murder mystery quickly unfolds. It's one of those quiet works of art which are prone to getting overlooked solely based on the misconceptions surrounding it. I for one didn't expect this story to unfold in the manner that it did and, boy, was I thrilled that I'd finally taken time to watch it.

    Not many thrillers are done to perfection like this one. Wind River is scorchingly poetic, its darkness is supported by wide landscapes captured masterly by the cinematographer.


    The film addresses personal actions, forgiveness and their consequences alike, mainly through its main character Cory Lambert (played by The Avengers' Jeremy Renner), supported by the slightly underprepared FBI agent Jane Benner (Elisabeth Olsen). I was also quite thrilled that these two characters weren't written into an aimless romance, and instead focused on their individual contributions to the story.


    The Native American reserve in which the plot unfolds resembles hell, only this version is coated by thick, relentless snow. The people who have survived most of their lives in that corner of the world confess that they had long become a product of their brutal environment. When the barbarity and sheer violence unfolds, you can almost feel the depravity that the community suffers through on a daily basis; not even jail-time seems that big a difference from freedom, which is what leads to most of the men and young kids' extreme rebelling.


    Loneliness and unfortunate circumstances should never lead a single person towards invading someone else's space to shatter the little peace/hope they hold onto as a form of sport or entertainment. The movie addresses pure hopelessness where it becomes hard to distinguish a living person from the wolves that roam the snow in search of deers to feed on.

    Wind River is a great lesson in pain and what it takes to move on and heal. It is merciless in its truth, while depicting fairness in the most natural way possible. This is one in the few movies to really watch out for from this year!
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    So Wind River is what the Snowman aspired to be !! Most defiantly gonna download and watch it soon !!

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